Son of a Great Unknown Nobody is an Internet Virtual Trash Band with no purpose.  SON OF A G.U.N. was formed from the ashes of the former basement band, Santanic Spider (1992-1996), and later developed after the Rock Band video game parties dissipated.  SON OF A G.U.N. picked up instruments circa 2011 and released Freak’s Edition Album …out with the trash in 2013 and The Short List album in 2016.

With no musical education, taught talent or industry assistance SON OF A G.U.N. salutes everyone who does anything creative other than their day job – just because they want to – not because they’re good at it. When you purchase something from this site you support a much wider concept than just unknown Indie Music.  You support probably a bottle of rum, which might invoke inspiration.  Cheers!

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